Acid Birth “Pleasures of Flesh” & “The Divine Grotesque” CD

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Acid Birth “Pleasures of Flesh” & “The Divine Grotesque” CD

Imported from Memento Mori (Spain)

This 2022 compilation contains both of the band's 2021 EPs on one disc.

"Acid Birth is an enigmatic two-piece act composed of Morg (guitars, bass, vocals) and Tomb (drums, vocals) that hails from the boggy swamps of New Orleans. Accordingly, their strain of Death/Doom Metal is drenched in miasmatic heaviness, wallowing in slime and emitting a moldy odor that shall delight the most demanding palates. Death and decay finds us all. Iniquitous indulgence taunts our minds. Revel in this savage world of ours amongst the rot and filth that Acid Birth provides. Totally recommended to fans of Mortiferum, Spectral Voice, Gatecreeper, Cerebral Rot, Apparition, Wharflurch…"