Asphyx - “Abomination Echoes” 2CD Digibook

$25.00 USD
Asphyx - “Abomination Echoes” 2CD Digibook

A deluxe 2CD DIGIBOOK released by Floga Records; including a 20 page booklet with lyrics, artwork by Ketola (Watain, Kaamos), introduction by Metalion (Slayer magazine), liner notes by the band, old flyer designs and more. The set also includes a previously unreleased track, “Priest of Mendes”.

This collection's packaging is breathtaking. If you're a fan of Asphyx or of death/doom, then this is a must!

– Enter the Domain
– Rehearsals
– Mutilating Process
– Live in Holland ’89
– Promo ’91