BACTERIAL HUSK - “Agnosia of Omens” cassette

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BACTERIAL HUSK - “Agnosia of Omens” cassette

Gurgling Gore is the official distributor of "Anthropogenic Ruin" - the self-released debut album (2023) from Boston's BACTERIAL HUSK.

In addition to the album, the band provided us with a small number of copies of their debut 2016 EP "Agnosia of Omens" on cassette tape.

Boston-based Bacterial Husk formed in 2015 to release unique Death Metal heavily influenced by acts like Gorguts, Carcass, Death, and Malevolent Creation. Members' past and current projects include Boston thrashers Razormaze and the Brutal Death Metal of Scattered Remnants.

These are the last remaining 4 copies of the EP anywhere. Get one while you still can! And be sure to grab a copy of their new album. We are carrying it on both CD and cassette.