BACTERIAL HUSK - “Anthropogenic Ruin” cassette

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BACTERIAL HUSK - “Anthropogenic Ruin” cassette

Gurgling Gore is the official distributor of "Anthropogenic Ruin" - the self-released debut album (2023) from Boston's BACTERIAL HUSK.

A flawlessly crafted death metal debut with hints of thrash and dissonant blackened riffing. "Anthropogenic Ruin" blends together the classic snarling sounds of Exhumed and Carcass with the progressive tendencies of Gorguts and Cattle Decapitation to create a unique sound that is bubbling with vicious aggression, memorable songwriting, and subtle complexities that demand repeat listens.

Once this album has infected you, it will be impossible for you to stop listening to it. Like an extraterrestrial drug its high is inexorably addictive. Every listen reveals something that was missed prior to... and that alone will keep you coming back for more and more.

It is hard to believe that this is a debut, but considering the pedigree of some of the band members, it's not so unsurprising. The guitarist/vocalist of the band has been a stalwart of the New England death metal scene for decades. Evan Duplessis is best known for his guitar work in Sexcrement and Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, and more recently as the current vocalist of brutal death metal legends Scattered Remnants. Drummer Nick Lazzaro has been cutting his teeth in numerous thrash metal bands in the Massachusetts region for damn near 20 years.

This has the Big Daddy Gore stamp of approval. I can give nothing but praise for this album. It comes with the highest of recommendations from me. One listen and I knew I had to carry this in the shop. I reached out to the band to coordinate being an official distributor of the self-released CD and Cassette versions of this album, and they kindly obliged...

Do not sleep on this!

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