Benighted - "Ekbom" cassette

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Benighted - "Ekbom" cassette

Imported from Tuneforce Records (Russia)

The new 2024 album from France's brutal death-grind sickos BENIGHTED. Limited edition slipcase cassette version limited to a mere 50 copies!! Get one from us or die crying...

Brutal. Relentless. Unsettling. Chaotic. Technical. Dizzying. Mind altering.

"With roots deeply entrenched in the macabre realms of extreme metal, BENIGHTED has evolved from a side-project into a malevolent force, captivating fans worldwide with their skull-shattering sound and thematically explorative pieces.
Dive into the auditory abyss with 'Ekbom,' BENIGHTED's latest offering inspired by the rare neurological disorder known as 'Ekbom syndrome.' Brace yourself for a grotesque journey, where the ferocious music mirrors the unsettling sensations of Delusional Parasitosis. Pulsating with relentless brutality and weaving a tale of psychological horror, 'Ekbom' is a nightmarish album that drags listeners through the darkest recesses of the human psyche. BENIGHTED's mastery of visceral soundscapes and thematically rich compositions culminate in a chilling sonic landscape that will linger in your consciousness long after the last brutal note.
Can you feel it crawling under your skin?"