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Imported from Deathstare Records (UK)

2024 split featuring the horror obsessed death metal brutality of the UK's BLOOD RAGE and Germany's CHARRED REMAINS.

PRO-CDR in a cardboard sleeve.

Last year UK death metal act Blood Rage joined forces with Ohio’s Mortuary Ghoul, the result being the impressive Horror Worshipping Death project. And now the Welsh band is back, only this time it is German trio Charred Remains they’ve teamed up with.

Blood Remains consists of three tracks from each band with Blood Rage opening up proceedings with ‘The Saw Is Family’. The song grinds with a Swedish style of buzzsaw riffage from Tom Hughes before the grim barks of Trench Foot’s Joe Bradley layer the grit with extra meat. It’s solid death metal that becomes faster, propelled by the manic whacks of the drums. ‘Compacted Into A Cube’ begins with a rhythmic pulse; this is Blood Rage channelling mid-tempo madness before the screaming leads of Bradley. The tempo quickens with ‘Power Tool Massacre’, another hefty slab of grisly pace before a nice, slower mid-section.

Charred Remains kick off their set with ‘Mutilation’, an infectious song littered with squirming solos which zip through the dense fog of gore-drenched riffs as vocalist Stinne slurs and slurps his way greedily through his own slimy bass. Around Stinne is a sick wall of condensed bludgeoning beef constructed by drummer Björn and guitarist Steffen. Second track ‘Dead Alive’ is a short but simple slop of grotesque batter before an interesting cover rendition of Motörhead’s ‘Poison’ rounds off this split EP.

Such projects are always of interest especially when peppered with horror movie samples and presented in garish cover art, so it’s worth snapping this one up for 16 minutes of savagery.

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