CANNIBAL CORPSE - "Vile" cassette

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CANNIBAL CORPSE - "Vile" cassette

Hell's Headbangers release

1996 album from the death metal legends gets the cassette treatment with an all-over shell print. The first album to feature George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher on vocals. A fan favorite!


On September 29th internationally, HELLS HEADBANGERS will release on cassette tape a grand total of ten albums and one EP from the legendary CANNIBAL CORPSE. Each of these tape editions will be strictly limited to 300 copies and will feature special all-over print on the shell, making for an essential collector’s item.

Since their formation in 1988, there’s arguably been no band more influential and enduring than CANNIBAL CORPSE. While many of their old contemporaries have broken up or (worse) wimped out, CANNIBAL CORPSE continue to be THE flagship band for the artform of true, uncompromising DEATH METAL. Amazingly, having released 16 albums to date and touring nonstop across the globe, the band are as vital now as they’ve ever been; rarely do you hear someone say “I only like the early stuff” about CANNIBAL CORPSE.

With that in mind – and, of course, being longtime fans of the band – HELLS HEADBANGERS will be releasing on limited-edition tape the following CANNIBAL CORPSE recordings, all featuring inimitable frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher: Vile (1996), Gallery of Suicide (1998), Bloodthirst (1999), Gore Obsessed (1999), Worm Infested EP (2003) The Wretched Spawn (2004), Kill (2006), Evisceration Plague (2009), Torture (2012), A Skeletal Domain (2014), and Red Before Black (2017). While there’s undoubtedly a legion of fans for the band’s Chris Barnes-fronted albums, CANNIBAL CORPSE just-as-undoubtedly became sicker and more lethal with Corspegrinder on the mic, dependably delivering the goods free of trends. In fact, one could say that any one of these albums served as an entry point for newer generations of death metal fanatics, thereby cementing both CANNIBAL CORPSE’s legendry and influencing countless bands since.

Officially licensed from Metal Blade Records, HELLS HEADBANGERS is honored to make these 11 crucial recordings available again on cassette tape, in a manner aesthetically pleasing to the band’s gore-obsessed ways!

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