Carnal Savagery - "Scent of Death" cassette

$10.00 USD
Carnal Savagery - "Scent of Death" cassette

Imported from Huangquan Records (China)

This is the official cassette version of the Swedish death metal act's 2022 full-length "Scent of Death." Killer Swedish death from some legit old school sickos.

"Carnal savagery was formed 2017 by Mikael Lindgren and Henrik Jansson. They had played together before in a band called Cromlech, between 1988-1994. During the time in Cromlech they released a few demos that actually became well known in the underground scene. They also played a lot live in the early 90's with famous bands like Entombed, Dismember, Meshuggah, Therion, Tiamat and Merciless.

Early in 2017 Mikael started to make some old school death metal songs and asked Henrik if they should start the band again. For a while they considered if they should go by the name Cromlech, but after some thinking they decided to start fresh with a new name. Patrik Eriksson was asked to join on guitar and Mattias Lilja on vocals. In january 2019 they recorded their first demo, Grotesque Macabre."