Civerous - "Maze Envy" 12" vinyl LP

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Civerous - "Maze Envy" 12" vinyl LP

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B2 Ultra Clear / Royal Blue / Deep Purple Galaxy vinyl variant. Truly magical to behold!

The Californian band have catapulted from the sound they were exploring on 2021's "Decrepit Flesh Relic" into a whole new realm of progressive death/doom metal supremacy. This album firmly cements the band's elite status amongst contemporaries like Tomb Mold, Spectral Voice, and Worm.

I expect this will be on many AOTY lists. And rightfully so...

"Upon hearing ‘Decrepit Flesh Relic’, the first album from Civerous, one was left with a feeling of intense suffocating weight and agonal prostration in the service of bone-breaking death hymns. With the towering new album, ‘Maze Envy’, LA’s most creatively destructive Death / Doom ensemble let loose a freshly evolved but no less brutal conflagration of immersive horror and morbid lamentation.

Where Death / Doom may often stay in safe and unadventerous realms of narrow focus, Maze Envy’ presents a more far-reaching breadth of ambition, where unusual technicality, progressive atmospheres, string flourishes and chaotic mysticism radiate a purple light of the soul’s ascension from the black oceans of dread Civerous inhabit. Chain-dragging dirge, blackened blasting, and the savage ferocity of Lord Foul’s hellish vocal exorcisms exalt ‘Mazy Envy’ with a hellish grandeur within its myriad paths to oblivion.

With a massively crushing sound, ‘Maze Envy’ is end times music for an age in which that reckoning feels unfathomably close. Civerous batter the senses into a state of labyrinthian turmoil from which emergence is ever more implausible."