Crasher “The Human Killing” + “Starvation” CD

$12.00 USD
Crasher “The Human Killing” + “Starvation” CD

Obscure 90s death metal from Ukraine!

This reissue features both of the band's full length albums: "The Human Killing" (1995) and "Starvation" (1996). Imported from Huangquan Records in China. This is an official reissue.

Like much of the Eastern European death metal records of the 90s, the production quality here is primitive and unpolished. But it only adds to the charms of this band.

Musically, it's upbeat with an organic sounding. The guitars have a light overdrive, the bass is very audible, and the drumming is basic but effective. The band is very tight - no slop. Just primitive in its approach. Some groove. No over-the-top speed. Very mid-paced. Vocally, it's some of the lowest gutturals ever. Like Demilich-esque gutturals. Whispery and frog-like. My favorite type of death metal vocals. They really bring this band to the next level!

Thank fuck for Huangquan Records for reissuing these albums. I would have never have heard this band otherwise and honestly, I may have avoided them based on their name/logo, which would have been a travesty!

I am LOVING this. Highly, highly recommend!