Crypticus “The Recluse” CD

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Crypticus “The Recluse” CD

Back before the "old school" death metal trend, there was a sick little label called Razorback Recordings, founded in 1998, that operated out of Long Island, New York. They were dedicated to releasing sick, horror-obsessed death metal releases from a plethora of underground acts (many of which worshipped at the altar of Impetigo).

I was a big fan of the label back in its heyday. And it was a huge inspiration for starting Gurgling Gore all these years later.

CRYPTICUS were one of the acts on the label in the early 2000s. They really epitomized that "Razorback sound." Lots of horror and atmosphere in their death metal sound, without taking themselves too serious.

Lo' and behold! They're still a band all these years later. Razorback Recordings is nearly defunct these days, but their legacy lives on in alumni such as Coffins, Acid Witch, Ghoul, and lesser known acts such as Crypticus.

"The Recluse" is their latest offering, albeit this time on the UK's Cavernous Records. Released in 2020 and flying under the radar ever since.