Death Vomit - "Death Vomit" 12" vinyl LP

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Death Vomit - "Death Vomit" 12" vinyl LP

Imported from Coyote Records (Russia)

One look at that artwork and you know you've gotta have this!

The 1993 debut from Russia's DEATH VOMIT - one of the earliest death metal bands to come out of The Motherland. Reissued on gatefold vinyl in 2024. Black vinyl limited to 168 copies!

This is total USA death metal worship but with a primitive edge. Think early Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, and Malevolent Creation but with a rawness that is undeniably birthed from the Eastern Bloc.

Death Vomit released this sole album and then disappeared! No follow-ups, no new bands formed by the members. Just totally gone! Which is unfortunate considering just how sick this album is. One can only imagine what a sophomore album would've sounded like!

Very underrated! As are most old school death metal bands from this region (Mortem, Necrocannibal, Graveside). Highly recommended!!