Deeds of Flesh - "Trading Pieces" 12" vinyl LP

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Deeds of Flesh - "Trading Pieces" 12" vinyl LP

Imported from Coyote Records (Russia)

The legitimacy of this reissue is disputed. Unique Leader declares it an unauthorized bootleg. The original label (Repulse Records) that released it back in 1996 has been defunct for many years now. Supposedly, a music publishing company obtained the rights to the Repulse Records catalog. Coyote Records has stated that they paid to license it from said publishing company. What's the real story? I don't know. Regardless, it caused a bit of drama in 2022 when it was reissued.

One thing that isn't disputed? Just how perfect this album is. Easily one of the top 5 brutal death metal albums of all time. It is unmatched (even by the band's later releases). A perfect sound. Technical but not pretentious. And beyond brutal!!!!!

Mandatory in every death metal collection. I cannot stress that statement enough. If you don't own this, you must change that NOW!!!

Limited to 150 copies (black heavy gram). Gatefold w/ insert.