Depression / Oxidised Razor - Split cassette

$8.00 USD
Depression / Oxidised Razor - Split cassette

Two unsung legends of the extreme underground join forces to unleash a split EP of gore, grind, and death! This vile split cassette features 3 tracks (plus a Pungent Stench cover) from Germany’s Depression on the A-Side and 3 tracks from Mexico’s Oxidised Razor on the B-Side. Originally released on CD in 2021; this is the first time it has been released on the cassette format.

🤮Limited to 100
🤮U-Card insert
🤮Clear case
🤮Yellow shells
🤮Lavender imprint
🤮Bandcamp code

Both bands have been churning out their spin on death/grind since before many of you were even born. DEPRESSION formed in 1989 and OXIDISED RAZOR in 1998. They have been releasing an onslaught of flesh-grinding releases ever since!! And now they add this disgusting split to their immense discographies!