Deteriorot - “The Faithless” cassette

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Deteriorot - “The Faithless” cassette

Imported from Dave Rotten's prolific Xtreem Records in Spain

2nd album from by New Jersey’s darkest & heaviest Death Metal machine!! 2nd album which combines elements of AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, early PARADISE LOST, BOLT THROWER with a finnish/ swedish feel a la ABHORRENCE, NIHILIST…

True old school death metal. If you don't know the name Deteriorot, you've got some catching up to do. Formed in 1990, the band has released 2 full length albums and multiple demos/EPs. All of which are SICK!!! And rumor has it they're returning with a new album this year.

Originally released in 2010. This is the 2022 cassette reissue. Limited to 50 copies. What the fuck are you waiting for?!