DISMORFIA - “Eclosion Repugnante” cassette

$8.00 USD
DISMORFIA - “Eclosion Repugnante” cassette

After having released 2 demo tapes in 2023, Peru's DISMORFIA return with "Eclosion Repugnante" - a new demo tape available now in conspiracy with Gurgling Gore. Featuring 2 tracks of the band's signature, sadistic death/grind sound. This demo tape is but a taste of the sickness that is to come!

- 50 Brown Pus Shells
- 50 Green Discharge Shells

Both variants have a 2-sided imprint featuring artwork from the j-card. They come housed in a mucus-green norelco case and include a 5-panel insert and Bandcamp download code.

If you're a fan of "Swarming of the Maggots," "Been Caught Buttering," and "Horror of the Zombies," this band is for you!

Get a demo while you can... and get ready for more DISMORFIA (coming soon!)

  • Brown Pus
    30 available 86%
  • Green Discharge
    9 available 26%