DISMORFIA - "Immortal Echoes from the Unknown" + "Repulsive Mutation" cassette bundle w/ patch

$20.00 USD
DISMORFIA - "Immortal Echoes from the Unknown" + "Repulsive Mutation" cassette bundle w/ patch



🔪The new EP
🔪Demo reissue
🔪Bandcamp codes
🔪White on black

It's time for a vacation! Let Big Daddy Gore be your guide on a trip to South America. (Peru, to be exact).

There you'll find one of the most repulsive death-grind acts you've ever heard. They're known simply as DISMORFIA. And while they formed in 2021, the band members have been banging around in the underground metal scene since the 90s. If you're a fan of early Dead Infection, Disgorge (Mex), Pathologist, Dead, and Pungent Stench, you're gonna love these sickos!

We have the honor of releasing not 1, but 2 cassettes for DISMORFIA.

First up we have their brand new EP "Immortal Echoes from the Unknown," which features 4 disgustingly raw tracks (plus a cassette-exclusive Mortician - "Zombie Apocalypse" cover).

In addition, we are reissuing the band's first demo "Repulsive Mutation" with alternate artwork. It contains 3 tracks that blur the lines between old school death metal and goregrind.

Both cassettes feature insane shell imprints and include large j-card inserts chock full of nasty art, band photos, lyrics, and liner notes. Also included with each is a Bandcamp download code. They are limited to 100 each and come bundled together with an exclusive patch. The patch features the band's logo screen-printed in white ink on black canvas.

Bundles begin shipping next week...

In case you're wondering: no, you cannot buy these cassettes individually. And why would you want to? Double the filth = double the fun!