Eternal Darkness - “Ceremony of Doom” CD

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Eternal Darkness - “Ceremony of Doom” CD

Eternal Darkness were a Swedish death metal band from the glory days of the scene. Unlike some of their fellow Swedes, they were often overlooked. Likely because they didn't fit HM-2 mold. The tempos here are slower and the mood is murkier and more oppressively.

Dark and heavy death metal with hints of doom. For lovers of MYTHIC, DERKETA, RIPPOKOLU

Imported from Dave Rotten's prolific Xtreem Records in Spain. Reissued as part of their "Xtreem Cult Series." Limited to 300 copies! Featuring a transparent mini-disc, digipak, and fold-out insert containing the demo's original j-card art and photos/fliers from the band's archives.