Lymphatic Phlegm / Flesh Grinder - Split Reissue cassette

$10.00 USD
 Lymphatic Phlegm / Flesh Grinder - Split Reissue cassette

OUT 3/3/2023 AT 3PM (EST)

The legendary Brazilian goregrind split is available for the first time on cassette tape!!! Originally released in 1997 on CD only and never reissued until NOW!

🧠Reversible 6-panel j-card
🧠2 shell color variants
🧠300 total pressed
🧠150 red transparent
🧠150 white windowless
🧠Heavy duty norelcos
🧠Side A: Flesh Grinder
🧠Side B: Lymphatic Phlegm

New artwork by Strange Creature Collages. The j-card is reversible and features a different gore collage for each side. Really sick shit!!

If you're a fan of pathological goregrind, this is MANDATORY for your gross collection. Don't sleep on this or you'll be browsing Discogs in a few years from now wishing you had got yourself a copy from Big Daddy Gore "back in the day."

FYI - This is a co-release with Canada's SCUMLORD DISTRO. If you're a canuck and you're looking for a copy, go hit him up: SCUMLORDDISTRO.BIGCARTEL.COM