Fleshrot - “Unburied Corpse” cassette

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Fleshrot - “Unburied Corpse” cassette

One of my personal favorite albums of 2022.

If progression and technical nuance is what you seek, steer clear, for this is a sub-30-minute slab of pure butchery that is not for the self-proclaimed audio genius (read: pretentious), this is violent, visceral and somehow stinks of rotting meat. With a production that allows seeping guitar wounds in the thick, tarry bass lines while retaining the snappy drums and not allowing the bellowed vocals to overshadow anything, this is a dense and swampy cut of morbid Death Metal that will puke itself forth into your ears, defiling and degrading all it comes into contact with. If you can withstand the putrefied sonic fruits bared by Fleshrot, then commend your stomach and ears’ strength because most will falter before the mighty and malicious blows landed by their debut LP “Unburied Corpse” in all of its lurking, squelching and squalid splendour.

Desert Wastelands release