Gravavgrav - “Graveyard” 2021 Demo + Live + Rehearsal CD

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Gravavgrav - “Graveyard” 2021 Demo + Live + Rehearsal CD

Imported from Huangquan Records in China

Gravavgrav are a newly founded OSDM act based out of Japan. Featuring members of Butcher ABC and Mortify.

This compilation includes "Death Said..." demo, along with some live and rehearsal tracks. Highly recommend this band/comp!

Very killer OSDM in the vein of Grave, Coffins

1. Death Said to Life ~ Slowly We Are Rotting (Putrid version)
2. Into the Grave of Grave (demo #1)
3. I’m a Grave (demo #1)
4. Live at Fareast Death Cult - Osaka, June 2021
6. Garage Rehearsal demo 2021
7. I’m a Grave (Reh)
8. Live at Asakusa, July 2021 (Unreleased live)