Grotesque Infection - Compilation CD

$10.00 USD
Grotesque Infection - Compilation CD

CDN Records went wading through the sewers to exhume these 2 NASTY demos from '91 and '92 from upstate New York death metal act GROTESQUE INFECTION.

Tracks 1-4: "Festering Wounds" 1991 demo
Tracks 5-10: "Consumption of Human Feces" 1992 demo
Tracks 11-16: Live at Niagara Falls Ontario Deathfest May 1993

I know I say "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" a lot, but seriously I highly recommend this fucking compilation. This band is so, so, so disgusting. I don't think they ever went anywhere back in the day, but I'm so thankful CDN put this together. I listen to this release weekly. SO GOOD!!!