Headrot – “1991-1992 Demo + EP compilation” 2 12” LPs + 7” EP (Black vinyl)

$42.00 USD
Headrot – “1991-1992 Demo + EP compilation” 2 12” LPs + 7” EP (Black vinyl)

Imported from Extremely Rotten Productions (Denmark)

One of the best kept secrets from the 90s brutal death metal scene. Think Impetigo meets Autopsy meets Rottrevore meets Embalmer. MUST OWN!

ERP presents a compilation all of early material by Rhode Island Death Metal band HEADROT, presented on two LP’s – one for the “I Gulp Your Guts” 1991 demo and one for the “The Agonizing Sufferance of Dismemberment” 1992 demo – and an additional 7" vinyl with the 1992 “Among the Remains” EP

Comes in heavy stock cardboard LP jacket including insert for the demos with cover scans and flyers for and photos and the EP presented additionally on it’s own with replicated art and layout form the original Dissonant Records release, with corrected recording info and band photo

All music has been ripped from the original sources and remastered by Lasse in Ballade Studios

💀Songs 1-10 Off the the 1991 "I Gulp Your Guts" demo

💀Songs 11-16 off the 1992 "The Agonizing Sufferance of Dismemberment" demo

💀Songs 17-21 off the 1992 "Among the Remains" 7" EP