Hot Graves - "Plaguewielder" 12" vinyl LP

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Hot Graves - "Plaguewielder" 12" vinyl LP

Imported from Phantom Lure (Europe)

Plaguewielder" is HOT GRAVES' final nail in a coffin that's been burning for 15 years. This album is undoubtedly their best work and is packed with groovy riffing, wailing guitar leads, and vocals alternating between death growls and blackened screams. This makes it a blackened/speed/trash metal record that is not only great fun to listen to but really immerses the listener for a thrilling ride. Hailing from Gainsville, Florida the band includes some prominent figures from that scene. Further more, the late Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder is gracing us by doing guest vocals for two tracks on the album.

This LP is available in two variants: a pink splatter and a magenta smoke edition.

Comes on 180g high quality vinyl with heavy cardboard covers and insert lyric sheet.

Gurgling Gore had the honors of releasing this masterepice on cassette and CD earlier this year. Get yourself a copy of this on vinyl now! We only have a limited number of these in stock... and as of now, we are the only USA distro to be carrying it.