HUMANITY'S END - "Plague of Cancers" cassette

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HUMANITY'S END - "Plague of Cancers" cassette


The new album "Plague of Cancers" from Detroit’s death metal misanthropes HUMANITYS END

After the viciously heavy debut “Between Life and Death” in 2017, the buzzsaw ridden HUMANITYS END have joined the ranks of Gurgling Gore for the release of their second album “Plague of Cancers.” Seething with hatred for mankind, and loaded with the hallmarks of the legendary Swedish and British death metal sounds, “Plague of Cancers” is a brutal onslaught of HM2 chainsaw riffage, misanthropic growls, furious drumming, and expertly honed songwriting. Highly recommended to fans of the classic releases of: Bolt Thrower, Carnage, Dismember, and Grave.

The duo features the talents of Jay Clifton and Jesse Wright — decades-long members of the underground metal and hardcore scenes in the Michigan underground. Jay is known for his audio engineering work on albums from The Black Dahlia Murder, Solothus, and others, as well as his early 90s death metal group EFFIGY. Jesse Wright is the current drummer of Detroit hardcore stalwarts COLD AS LIFE. Both are also the sole members of GRAVERAPE, who released their second album on Gurgling Gore last year.

“Plague of Cancers” is not for the bandwagon hoppers or trendwhores. HUMANITYS END play TRUE underground death metal with an undying vendetta against the entire human race. That includes you!


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