Korpse - "Pull the Flood" cassette

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Korpse  - "Pull the Flood" cassette

Imported from Huangquan Records (China)

An unsung death metal classic from 1994. This Scottish band had a unique sound with hints of Wolverine Blues-era Entombed and Autopsy. Really chunky, well-written death metal with groovy rock 'n roll vibes. A personal favorite of mine. I was very excited to see that Huangquan reissued it!

"Enter Korpse, based out of the unlikely locale of Aberdeen, Scotland. To be fair, Scotland does have a lot in common with Sweden and Florida – crappy weather, nothing to do, and lots of nature, although instead of forests and swamps, Scotland has sheep. Unfortunately, Scotland didn’t have a huge metal scene – unless you count Nazareth, I guess. That actually worked out for these guys creatively, if not commercially. No real scene to glom onto and rip off. Instead, they came up with their own beast on 1994’s Pull the Flood. A little bit of Nirvana 2002, a little bit of Entombed, but ultimately their own style.

I mean, you wouldn’t mistake “Rusted” for anything but death metal, from the sepulchral grunting to the down tuned chug, but less than 20 seconds in we get some prime whammy bar action. “The Smell of Broken Glass” has a little bit of funk rock going on, bass you can actually hear, and some post-Pepper Corrosion of Conformity grooviness. And some porn samples. “3” is, indeed, the third track, and that offers some nice shred and gallop. “Illegal Musik” goes a little choppy with the riffs, the title track rides the effects pedal train to hell, “X” features some creepy segues, “Stomp-Neg” has a solo that would be more at home on an Earthless jam, and “From the Heart” has some more Southern discomfort and a weird hidden tape loop piece at the end. So, you know, pretty impressive considering all the death metal bands that didn’t bother trying anything new that year." - Decibel Magazine

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