Lipoma - “Odes to Suffering” cassette

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Lipoma - “Odes to Suffering” cassette


Cassette Details:
⚕️2 shell color variants:
⚕️jaundice yellow
⚕️bone white
⚕️limited 100x each
⚕️4-panel j-card
⚕️yellow norelco case
⚕️Bandcamp download

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Warning: Gurgling Gore and Lipoma cannot be held reliable for any disease or suffering this cassette may inflict upon you. Order at your own risk.


"Odes to Suffering" is the latest album from NYC's pathological goregrind project LIPOMA. Sole band member Max Pierce returns with more of his signature sound: a catchy amalgamation of gurgling goregrind and melodic death/black metal. Think Carcass, Lymphatic Phlegm, and Pharmacist mixed with At The Gates, Intestine Baalism, and Arsis.

Throughout its 16 tracks (40 minute runtime), "Odes to Suffering" cements LIPOMA's status as one of the best and most unique goregrind projects to emerge in recent years. In a subgenre that has tendencies to rehash old ideas and rely on excessive repetition, LIPOMA is a breath of fresh air...

So take off your surgical masks and breathe in the disease!