Macabre End - “Consumed By Darkness” CD

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Macabre End - “Consumed By Darkness” CD

Ever hear of the Swedish death metal band GOD MACABRE? If not, you should probably go listen to their '93 album "The Winterlong;" it's a masterpiece!

Macabre End was the original name of God Macabre before they changed it. Under the original name, they released this sole demo. And holy shit it's good! Different than their Swedish counterparts. More Finnish sounding. Like early Convulse and early Amorphis. Highly recommended!

Imported from Dave Rotten's prolific Xtreem Records in Spain. Reissued as part of their "Xtreem Cult Series" - featuring a transparent mini-disc, digipak, and fold-out insert containing the demo's original j-card art and photos/fliers from the band's archives.