MANGLED TORSOS - "Drawings Of The Dead" 12" vinyl 2LP

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MANGLED TORSOS - "Drawings Of The Dead" 12" vinyl 2LP

Imported from Morbid Generation (Germany)

A true gem of the early 90s!

Originally released in 1994 on the legendary Morbid Records. "Drawings of the Dead" was sandwiched in between "Surgical Disembowelment" by Dead Infection, "Mental Conflicts" by BLOOD, and "Cruel Face of Life" by ROT in the Morbid release schedule. What a fucking year for extreme metal!

If you've never heard this impeccable album, you need to drop what you're doing and go listen NOW! This is death/doom at it's fucking finest. Atmospheric yet fucking brutal and with gross gutturals atop it all. A personal favorite album of mine.

Thick, gruesome Death Metal with a distinctively bizarre, surreal and decadent atmosphere comprised of slow-to-mid paced passages and grinding overtones sublimated by some gargling, guttural vocals, like the impossible combination of early Pungent Stench, diSEMBOWELMENT and Demilich.


LP 1
Side A
1. Intro
2. Unsuspecting Sacrifice
3. Lost Emotions
Side B
4. Drawings of the Dead
5. Morphea
6. Deranged Body Love

LP 2
Side C
1. Malignant Tumor
2. Dehumanization
3. Dissemble
Side D
4. Intro
5. Malignant Tumor
6. Dissemble

Side D is the band's 1993 "Anatomia Reformata" EP as a bonus.

- 2x 140 gram Vinyl Records
- 2x double sided printed Innersleeve
- Gatefold Cover
- "special 5c print with metallic spot color logo"