Maul - "Desecration and Enchantment" cassette

$9.00 USD
Maul - "Desecration and Enchantment" cassette

Obtained from 20 Buck Spin (USA)

Gurgling Gore released the band's "Seraphic Punishment" album in 2022 (and reissued it in 2023). Legendary label 20 Buck Spin took notice and signed the band to their impeccable roster. This cassette EP "Desecration and Enchantment" is the first release for the label... and it's a doozy!

Picking up where they left up, the band continues to unleash a maelstrom of old school death metal fused with brutal death, hardcore, and sludge. These 4 new songs are some of their best to date... and they're guaranteed to get you stoked for the next album!!

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