Moondark - “The Shadowpath” Digipak CD

$12.00 USD
Moondark - “The Shadowpath” Digipak CD

Do you like Rippikoulu?

If you answered "HELL YES," then you need this demo from Sweden's MOONDARK. This is "Musta Seremonia" worship at its heaviest.

Originally formed in 1993, this 2nd demo was not released until 2015. And ever since it's quietly flown under the radar, which is an absolute travesty!

This favorite-of-mine features slow to mid-paced death/doom with a crushing production and inhuman guttural vocals. No pretty melodic bullshit. No guitar wankery. Just fucking unadulterated heavy-ass death metal!!


For fans of: Rippikoulu and demo-era Grave