Mortal Embodiment - “Unbounded Emptiness” cassette

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Mortal Embodiment - “Unbounded Emptiness” cassette

Imported from Necrolatry Records (Malaysia)

DEATH METAL SOLO PROJECT from the drummer of Fossilization. If you're a fan of that band, you're in for a treat with this debut EP. This isn't some half-assed side project. This is legitimate - standing alone on its own.

OSDM in its truest and purest form. Incredibly heavy and well crafted.

"MORTAL EMBODIMENT is a deadly one man cosmic sci-fi inspired Death Metal creation by the prolific Brazilian musician, Paulo Pinheiro Fornazza, from FOSSILIZATION & JUPITERIAN. If you dug on either of the aforementioned bands you are going to want to check this band out, it takes elements from both and mixes them with a more pummeling take on Death Metal, drawing influence from classick acts like Morbid Angel, Dismember and even some dISEMBOWELMENT for good measure. "Unbounded Emptiness" is the debut offering from this new colossal entity."

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