MORTICIAN - "Brutally Mutilated" 12" vinyl picture disc

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MORTICIAN - "Brutally Mutilated" 12" vinyl picture disc

Hells Headbangers release

MORTICIAN are legendary, and there’s no disputing this fact. HELLS HEADBANGERS have worked with the goregrinding duo on vinyl reissues of all of the band’s main releases, both album and short-length, and ally with them again for a reissue of their Brutally Mutilated.

MORTICIAN's first official demo after a super-rare rehearsal tape the previous year, this 1990 document kicked off the then-trio's dominance of the death metal underground. Back then, the band had in their ranks drummer Matt Sicher, who’d unfortunately die in 1994; thereafter, MORTICIAN utilized drum-programming since, in their eyes, no drummer could compete with Sicher. And while that drum-programming soon became a signature element as much as Will Rahmer's ultra-guttural vocals and Robert Beaujard's beyond-downtuned guitars, it’s still an interesting event to hear live drums on a MORTICIAN recording. Likewise for the short-lived appearance of Incantation’s John McEntee on guitar (Rahmer was concurrently that band's vocalist), which puts a uniquely creepy touch to these three songs, which would then be re-recorded for the band’s first EP, to be released later that year on the infamous Seraphic Decay.

A vital document of a special era, MORTICIAN's Brutally Mutilated now receives the HELLS HEADBANGERS reissue treatment on 12" picture disc vinyl, for the first time ever. Accept no substitutes!

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