Necrocannibal - "Somnambuliformic Possession" 12" vinyl LP

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Necrocannibal - "Somnambuliformic Possession" 12" vinyl LP

Imported from Coyote Records (Russia)

The first time ever on vinyl - the 1994 debut from one of Russia's earliest death metal bands NECROCANNIBAL. This gatefold LP is limited to 100 (heavy gram black) and contains rare photos and text from the band. A classick obscurity!!!

As is the case with most of the releases from this region, this album is extremely underrated!! Alongside Graveside and Death Vomit, Necrocannibal were one of the earliest Russian death metal bands to emerge after the demise of the Soviet Union. Their sound is one that draws influence from the early works of Pestilence, Malevolent Creation, and Massacre.

Much like their countrymates Death Vomit, they released one album, and then disappeared! No new material, no reunions, no new bands formed from the ashes. This only adds to the mythic aura of this forgotten album!