Night Hag / Burial - "Utterances from Below" 12" vinyl LP

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Night Hag / Burial - "Utterances from Below" 12" vinyl LP

Rotted Life release (2023)

Once again, Rotted Life has brought together two continents in a union of death, doom, and disgust with a split release between Virginia’s Night Hag and Italy’s Burial.

Night Hag stays the rotten path by delivering 3 lengthy tracks of heaving, festering death/doom as you’ve come to expect. The stench is stronger than ever, and the Hag trio never disappoints.

On the flip side, Burial spews forth two ghastly creations of chainsaw fueled death, the riffs rife with gloomy atmospherics and mangled chords. Collectively, the two bands bridge the fertile gap between quotidian horrors and supernatural dread, for yet another monumental pairing on Rotted Life.

Lmtd edition 100 on marbled magenta vinyl. Includes 2 sided insert. Sold out from the label!!!

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