Plague Patrol / Sewer Fiend - split 12" vinyl LP

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Plague Patrol / Sewer Fiend - split 12" vinyl LP

Headsplit Records release (2023)

Sewer Fiend's side of the split consists of two tracks of the dense and atmospheric death-doom that so many fell in love with after hearing the band's first release. Expect another unhealthy dose of their mutant blend of oozing, gargantuan riffs and ghastly growls, interspersed with dark psychedelic flourishes, underpinned by grotesque, meandering basslines and intense, pummeling beats.

Plague Patrol draw once more upon the horror of the John Carpenter movie, The Thing; marrying their infatuation with this classic sci-fi flick with their love of no nonsense OSDM. Three tracks of unrelenting, frenzied riffing and desperate, anxiety-inducing vocals, riddled with doom and a permeating sense of dread.