Protrusion - “Demo 2023” cassette

$10.00 USD
Protrusion - “Demo 2023” cassette

Imported from Necrolatry Records (Malaysia)

Limited to 100.

This was my favorite demo of 2023.

I own multiple versions of it already, but it's worth owning them all. This Malaysian version is particularly appealing in the visual department - love that ketchup on mustard!

What do you get with Protrusion? A total throwback to the BRUTAL DEATH METAL of the 90s. Back before everything became overproduced, watered down wankery and monotonous slams.

If you didn't know this was released in 2023, you'd assume it came out in '95. They master that old sound perfectly. A mix of the early BDM of New York and the Midwest.


So stoked to hear what's next for these guys.

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