Pukewraith & Intestinal Hex - "Medieval Grime" Split Cassette

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Pukewraith & Intestinal Hex - "Medieval Grime" Split Cassette

Available in 2 flavors: Bile Green and Purple Stank. Featuring killer artwork by GruesomeGraphx, housed in norelco cases, with a gross-ass j-card insert.

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Up-and-coming, Canadian death metal sickos INTESTINAL HEX and PUKEWRAITH hast joined together to create "Medieval Grime" - a split release featuring 6 songs of unsavory death metal decadence. They are chock full of classic death metal riffage, massive stomp, dank atmosphere, shredding solos, and vomit-inducing vocal performances, all tied together under the banner of a medieval theme. Fun for the entire family!

Featuring members of Gutvoid and Fumes.

FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Demilich, & Ripping Corpse