Ritual Mass “It Ever Turns” CD

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Ritual Mass “It Ever Turns” CD

Imported from Memento Mori (Spain)

No tech, no progression, no normal blastbeats, no real "solos," no progression, no goofy merch - just utter devastation, tonal rape, crushing filth and overwhelming intensity. It's death metal, but done with a dangerous zeal that's blanching to behold.

2022 discography release. Booklet contains a bunch of art and photos. Really well put together.

Discography Compilation includes:
Tracks 01-02 taken from single "Descent / Sepulcher" (2021)
Tracks 03-06 taken from Ep "Abhorred in the Eyes of God" (2019)
Tracks 07-10 taken from demo "Ritual Mass" (2017)