Stench Collector / Seep - Split EP cassette

$9.00 USD
Stench Collector / Seep - Split EP cassette

Available 1/27 at 3PM (EST)

🧿 Available in 2 shell colors
🧿 Both are limited to 150 each
🧿 Includes a Bandcamp download
🧿 One 6 minute song by each band
🧿 Co-released with Dawnbreed
🧿 Cover art by Spinal Chamber
🧿 Photo frame by Nightmare Imagery
🧿 7" vinyl edition coming soon....

NOTE: If you are in Europe please purchase directly from Dawnbreed Records at and save yourself some money on shipping charges!

STENCH COLLECTOR opens up the split with "Daemon Rat Onanism" - the final recorded output from the duo. Sadly, the band's guitarist/vocalist Mark Pechack passed away unexpectedly last year before he could see this split come into fruition. As Mark would have wanted, we release it now in his honor. If you love 90s, no frills, heavy-as-balls, American death metal, then this beefy slab of festering rot will arouse and obliterate your senses. Featuring a guest guitar solo by Luke Cazares of LACERATION

Big Daddy Gore's very own SEEP closes out the split with his latest since releasing the "Hymns to the Gore" album last summer. The delightful ditty is named "Arcane Torture" and it stylistically runs the gamut from knuckle dragging death / doom to groovy stomp to mournful funeral doom in its 6 minute runtime. The infamous David Torturdod of UNDERGANG makes a guest vocal appearance mid-way through the track.

More than ever the Gurgling Gore slogan rings true: "life is temporary... death metal is forever!" Tell those you care about that you love them. Tomorrow is never promised.