Thorn - "Yawning Depths" 12" vinyl LP

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Thorn - "Yawning Depths" 12" vinyl LP

Self-released by the band in 2024. Limited to 250 green & black splatter LPs.

Gurgling Gore had the honors of releasing this crushing death/doom album back in 2022. It was the band's second album and our final album release for them before they moved on to sign to Transcending Obscurity.

We only released it on cassette tape.

2 years later, the band has opted to self-release it on vinyl. HELL FUCKING YES!

I'm obviously a bit biased here, but I love this album, so I was very stoked that THORN decided to do a vinyl version. I was asked to do the LP layout and design, so it matched the original feel of the cassette version.

I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. Obviously, I highly recommend this one! ;)

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