Thorn - “Yawning Depths” cassette

$9.00 USD
Thorn - “Yawning Depths” cassette

Gurgling Gore originally released Thorn's 2nd album "Yawning Depths" back in 2022. It was limited to 200 copies and has long since been sold out.

These were 5 extra copies that the band had boxed up and hidden away. If you missed out on buying the album a couple of years ago, here's a 2nd chance!

It features 8 tracks of dissonant, crushing death/doom from the ex-Fluids vocalist Brennen Westermeyer. THORN has since signed a multiple album deal with Transcending Obscurity. We miss him... but we're proud. :)

5-panel j-card w/ lyrics
Green shell, blue imprint
Includes Bandcamp code

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