TORSOFUCK - "Postpartum Exstasy" 12" vinyl LP

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TORSOFUCK - "Postpartum Exstasy" 12" vinyl LP

Imported from Morbid Generation (Germany)

Do the Finnish sickos TORSOFUCK really need an introduction?

They've been around (off and on) for decades making ultra brutal, perversely disgusting deathgrind in the vein of Mortician (but more vile!). Their 2004 debut "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy" is either revered or abhorred, depending on how soft you are.

Damn near 20 years later, the band has returned with a 2nd full length album... 2024's "Postpartum Exstasy" - one look at the cover art and you know they haven't softened at all in the last couple decades.

Some of the most heavy shit ever recorded. If you wanna be punished, you better pick this up.

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