VEHEMENCE - “God Was Created” cassette

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VEHEMENCE - “God Was Created” cassette

Dissonant Tapes release (2024)

CLASSICK melodic death metal album gets the cassette treatment thanks to Dissonant Tapes (under official license from Metal Blade Records). This band/album hold a special place in my heart. I was a huge fan of theirs back in the day (still am). They proved that you could write melodic death metal without wimping out. This album is SO BRUTAL, yet with such impeccable songwriting and addictive melodies.

“Gather round, I have a story for ye. Back in 2002, a Phoenix-based death metal group called Vehemence released an album called God Was Created, a work that escaped widespread popularity to essentially become the little engine that could – a cult classic of the genre, if you will. Far from conventional, Created had an odd sound that was melodic without a hint of Gothenburg, preferring instead riffs that combined the open-strummed hardiness of Arghoslent with the evocative melodies of Intestine Baalism. More importantly, it showed a band tossing aside genre conventions to let blossom their bizarre vision and ambition. A concept album about a young man’s fatal obsession with a devoutly religious schoolgirl, Created combined acoustic strumming, sullen spoken word, and guitarwork that alternated between demented and achingly gorgeous, all into an hour-long journey of sexual Jesus fantasies and necrophilia.’
– Angry Metal Guy

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