Writhing Shadows - “Writhing Shadows” Cassette

$10.00 USD
Writhing Shadows - “Writhing Shadows” Cassette


The debut full-length album from WRITHING SHADOWS available NOW on limited edition cassette tape.

Modeled to look like an early 90s bootleg from eastern Europe, this tape features an exclusive design and layout. Featuring 8 tracks of bolt-throwing death metal supremacy! FFO: Bolt Thrower, Slugathor, Frozen Soul

Limited to 200 pressed.

+ 5-panel j-card insert
+ Clear cassette shell
+ Adhesive shell label
+ Program repeats
+ Bandcamp code included

All tapes include a metallic 'chaos star' sticker (*while supplies last!)

Dawnbreed Records in the Netherlands co-released this album. Their tape version has different packaging/layout. Check it out here: https://www.dawnbreed.com/