Xaoc - “Proxime Mortis” cassette

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Xaoc - “Proxime Mortis” cassette

Desert Wastelands release

Xaoc originally existed from 2007-2008, consisting of Dave Schmidt (vocals) and Tony Petrocelly (guitar, bass). During that time, the eight songs that comprise Proxime Mortis were written and demoed out but never released. Over the years Petrocelly made several attempts to record proper versions of the songs, but the pieces didn't fall into place until 2021. Petrocelly recruited drummer Giulio Galati (Hideous Divinity), lead guitarist J Alexander (Hatefuck) and vocalist Davis Mullen (Cammo Shorts), and updated versions of the songs were recorded at Petrocelly's Trepan Studios.

For Fans of: Severed Savior, Gorgasm, Morbid Angel, and blasting infernal death metal.