The Shit List

Here at Gurgling Gore we pride ourselves on being hardworking and honest, and delivering quality death metal goods every fucking time. This whole Gurgling Gore endeavor is a labor-of-love. We do this for the love of underground death metal! Not for money or fame or any other trivial bullshit. So, when someone else in this small death metal community fucks us over or doesn't fulfill their side of a deal, we think they should be called out. That's what THE SHIT LIST is for.

Here are people that have fucked us over. We recommend NOT working with them.
  • Roger J. Beaujard [Owner/Operator of Primitive Recordings and Jolly Roger Flags / Guitarist of Mortician]

    This one is painful, having been a Mortician fan for decades. Roger was our sole flag manufacturer for Gurgling Gore for a couple of years... until early 2022.

    We submitted a custom Thorn flag order to Roger for the "Yawning Depths" album. Per-usual we sent him the album artwork to print. Fast-forward a month later... the flags arrive in Gurgling Gore HQ and we see that he printed a design from a previous order (the "Crawling Worship" design) instead of the new design we sent him.

    We confirm that we did in fact send him the correct artwork before contacting him for a resolution. We send him 3 kindly-worded emails over a 2-week period, along with an Instagram DM, and some correspondence through a mutual friend in the death metal scene. NO REPLIES to anything.

    He does not apologize. He does not say he'll make it right. And we are stuck with a handful of incorrect flags. Out nearly $200!!

    2 months later and there is still no reply. Be wary of  getting flags through him. You will be gambling with your money and you can be certain he will not reply to any of your emails if you do end up having an issue.

    I am now thankful that there are Mortician-worship bands to listen to, because "Hacked Up for Barbecue" just doesn't sound the same anymore.