CRYPT ROT - “An Ancient Summoning” CD

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CRYPT ROT - “An Ancient Summoning” CD

Imported from Brutal Mind (Indonesia)

Clocking in at a little over half an hour, An Ancient Summoning is made up of seven tracks stuffed full of relentless, blasting drums, huge, rancid riffs, and demonic guttural vocals; plus guest appearances from several well known names in the death metal underworld, all smashed together to create a satisfyingly hefty, frenzied beast of an album.

Guest Vocals on Arcane Rites by Fiore Stravino (Fulci)
Guest Vocals on A Pit Of Snakes by Floor Van Kuijk (Carnifloor)
Guest Vocals on Diabolically Reborn by Larry Wang (Gorepot)
Guest Solo on Diabolically Reborn by Ryan Wills (Seven Doors)

Modern brutality that is indebted to the brutal death metal forefathers.

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