Entety – “Cadaveric Necrogrind” 12” vinyl LP

$20.00 USD
Entety – “Cadaveric Necrogrind” 12” vinyl LP

Imported from Extremely Rotten Productions (Denmark)

I've been a big fan of this demo compilation for quite some years now. It was previously only available on a short run of CDs released in the early 00s. The demos themselves were released in the early 90s.

ERP gave it their killer treatment with this vinyl reissue. I can't stress how sick this is. A MUST OWN FOR ALL FANS OF GOREGRINDING BRUTAL DEATH METAL!

ERP presents the vinyl reissue of the demo compilation by US grinding death metal band ENTETY. Remastered for this release in ML Studios in 2022. Comes with insert with flyers and photos. This is the regular black vinyl version.