Fulminate - "Agony Resonates Pleasantly" CD

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Fulminate - "Agony Resonates Pleasantly" CD

Imported from Rectal Purulence (Mexico)

Self described as "raw chaotic gore noise fury," FULMINATE is a new one-man goregrind project from the USA. This is his debut full-length album - released on CD by the notorious Rectal Purulence in late 2023.

This is flawlessly executed, old school goregrind/deathgrind. The "gore noise" descriptor is a bit misleading. Yeah, it's gory. Yeah, it's noisy. Yeah, it's chaotic. Yeah, it's intense. But there are a TON of riffs on this filthy slab. Very memorable. Very well produced. And with plenty of death metal influence.

Highly recommended to old school goregrind freaks! A phenomenal debut.